Sub Urban – Freak Ringtone

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Ringtone Sub Urban – Freak  Lyrics

My patience running thinner on this melting clock
Cerebrum jailed with thoughts most would consider rot
To think you’re any different from an animal
A creature, sick, as you should be put down
But I can’t help myself

[Pre-Chorus: REI AMI]
Ooh-na-na-na-na, ooh-na-na-na-na
Ooh-na-na-na-na, ooh-na-na-na-na

[Chorus: Sub Urban, REI AMI]
Welcome to our freak show, come meet my monsters
(Ooh-na-na-na-na, ooh-na-na-na-na)
Oh, such a fine collection of stranger things
(Ooh-na-na-na-na, ooh-na-na-na-na)

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