NINES – TONY SOPRANO 2 Ringtone Lyric:

In this-, in this music scene, I’m legendary
Raps always been secondary like February
Told my guy, “Don’t come near me with no tester” (uh)
(Don’t be talkin’ packs ’round Siri and Alexa)
Free the gang, I can’t forget my celly
I was gettin’ letters in the can, like alphabets’ spaghetti, uh
All these niggas bite my style
I did “A-Wing’s Got Talent” in jail, I was like Simon Cowell
I was in Cali’ ’round the neck like a bow tie
K-K-Kush God, bitch, I’m the most high
I see these rappers actin’ Holly’ (uh)
When they were out there crowd-surfing
We were catchin’ bodies (who were they?)
I ain’t a tough guy, I always make everybody laugh

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